This home began its first renovation with the purpose of becoming a summer home, but it was soon promoted to being a year-round residence. Evidence of the round one makeover is still to be found in the 9 beds and 10 couches for lots of family, friends, and pets to stay. The first reno also consisted of changing the main floor plan to include a fireplace, a side porch with new entry, a total kitchen rehaul, and repainting every inch, both inside and outside. The former wood shop became a carriage house with a huge party room and full bath on the first floor with a bunkhouse upstairs. The exterior landscaping was completely revamped with hydrangeas everywhere and a cottage garden complete with planting boxes and a white picket fence. Both home and outbuildings were painted onyx to provide a backdrop to the colorful flowers and seasons of Door County.

In the past year the home has been enjoying makeover number two. With a passion for colorful, whimsical, and somewhat eccentric British design, it is seeing new life in saturated color, quirky wallpaper, pattern on pattern everywhere, and the feeling of truly belonging to the owner. It is a home to be enjoyed in every manner of life. This is a “forever home” that the owner and future generations will enjoy for years to come.

Chris and I met in 2018 when Chris had volunteered her home for the Door County Medical Center Auxiliary House & Garden Walk of which I was a member of the Home Selection Committee. 

To say we clicked is an understatement. From first meeting to soul mates and fast friends in what seemed like a nano second. 

I was blown away by Chris’ own home which she had designed, built and completed solo -as they say – from the ground up! No detail was overlooked, from the exquisitely welcoming home to the garden, the meadow, the guest house which even featured a Monarch butterfly habitat –  every nook and cranny was inspired and welcoming.

Being present for the day of “Walk” at Chris’ home provided me with the opportunity to hear visitors extol the virtues of the home with the most constant comment being – “this is my favorite home – I could live here”. High praise from over 1000 visitors who had the opportunity to visit four other lovely homes that day on the walk. 

The reason for the constant compliment – Chris was true to herself in designing the home – livable, comfortable, unique and so Chris. 

It is no surprise that Chris was soon invited to join the committee for the House and Garden Walk,  which gave us the wonderful opportunity to work together as Co-Chairs. Because of Chris’ formidable talent the “Walk” was taken to new heights, adding wonderful features and attractions which made the 60th Anniversary Walk the best in the history of the House and Garden Walk.

I have watched Chris develop her business over the years and describe her approach with three words! Expertise – Energy – Extra 

Expertise – A wealth of knowledge and tons of research – truly a trusted advisor – yet every project is individual, and client focused – Chris listens first and lets the client and project “speak to her”!  
Energy – Chris brings boundless energy to her work never overlooking the tiniest detail. 
Extra – Always going above and beyond – Chris incorporates her clients’ individuality into their decor to reflect their own personalities. 

I am in awe of how Chris can bring a project together – an example was a recent project which I was fortunate to view upon completion. The color choices throughout the home created a sense of cohesiveness from the exterior to the interior. The colors used for the shutters, roof-shingles, and exterior lighting fixtures were all carefully selected to bring the entire space together – colors on the exterior were cohesive to the interior – so (it) flowed throughout the entire home.

If you know Chris – you need no explanation of what she is capable! 

If you are meeting Chris or have found her via this Website for the first time – you are in for a rare treat. You have definitely come to the right place and will not be disappointed in what she can do for your space.” 

-Wendy Walker, Sturgeon Bay, WI & Sarasota, FL