kitchen for a cook


This kitchen went from dark and dreary to light and happy through a long-awaited renovation. By staying with the same blueprint, we were able to give the clients a space that now makes sense both functionally and aesthetically. Builder grade cabinets were swapped for custom cabinets with some new pleasing details that make the room much more charming. By incorporating the two glass cabinets and shelves under the skylight and above the sink, the owners get a feel for having a window in the kitchen, even though there is not one there. The dimensions of the kitchen paths between the wall cabinets and the island were widened to achieve greater range of motion, as well as changing a wonky set-up for island stools which hindered the entry way to the room from outside. The cook chose her appliances specifically for the way she wants to work in her kitchen. Just off the kitchen, despised bi-fold doors were replaced with beautiful new French doors for the pantry as well as the laundry.

This particular project was extremely gratifying in so many ways. Some great guys from Habitat for Humanity came in to take out all of the cabinets and appliances for free to install in another home. Most of the kitchen was sourced right here in Door County – with the labor coming from multiple sources here as well. This client now has the lovely kitchen that she has deserved for so long!


sister bay, wi