So, yeah, I’ve been channeling Franck Eggelhoffer my entire life. You may not think you know who I mean, but you do! Franck was the wedding planner, played brilliantly by Martin Short, in the 1991 movie “Father of the Bride”, starring Steve Martin and Diane Keaton. Face it – Franck stole the show! He was side-splittingly hilarious, and I NEVER EVER forget about him when I look at a property.

Although I am no wedding planner, I TOTALLY relate to the scene where Franck first tours the Banks’ home which will be the site of the wedding reception. It is already a gorgeous home, which he compliments over and over again with words like “adorable” and complimenting the shutters in a sarcastic way , only to say”We change it all, though.”

Where others see “meh”, I see potential. Where other people won’t even enter, I bound in. Where others shake their heads in dismay, my eyes light up with glorious visions of the future. Where others think something is too much work, I feel like it is my moral duty to swoop in and save. I see sad homes, and know I can make them happy, vibrant, hubs of laughter and the setting of years of priceless memories. It totally befuddles me when others can’t see it…….

Why is that some people can see what is there and envision its future, and others cannot? I have always preferred the idea of moving into a house and making it my own instead of moving in to someone else’s idea of living. After all, that was then for them, and this is now for me and my life! Why would I even remotely consider keeping someone else’s paint colors, counter top choices, or light fixtures?

When I first saw Crosswinds, my first thought was “Grey Gardens” in a much less grand way. You may remember Grey Gardens – the 1897 East Hampton home owned by Big Edie and Little Edie Beale. It was the actual setting of a 1975 documentary showing these eccentric ladies living in their home that was literally falling down around them. Now, trust me, my soon to be house was neither grand or in as poor as condition, but it was depressed and begging to be the happy home that it was meant to be. It just needed help.

The thing is……… I could see it. I could see the fresh paint, the reconfiguration of the kitchen, a fireplace where there was a door, the added bonus of a carriage house, the gardens, and the future. I only questioned my sanity the first night as I tried to sleep on a mattress on the breakfast room floor. I listened to the house creak in the wind that seemed to come from every direction – Crosswinds, and knew it had told me its name. I made a vow to make the old girl happy again, and, now, given the opportunity, I would do the same thing over and over again.

Do I still channel Franck Eggelhoffer? Yes…… every, single day. I remain passionate about saving houses so that they may become homes again. We are unbelievably fortunate here in Door County to have so many unique houses that are ready and willing to be shined up, renovated with integrity, and loved for future generations. Take a good look at your house – maybe it is one of those homes.