True confessions:I love deep windowsills. They are prime real estate for designing, decorating, collecting, curating, adding whimsy, showing off gathered natural treasures, and a whole plethora of little things that would otherwise appear lost on a grander scale of say for instance, a shelf. They stand by just waiting for something to adorn them, and, oddly enough, can become a small window into a home owner’s soul.

Much like bookshelves or a gallery wall, window sills tell us so much about the personality of a home owner. The variety of tiny bits and bobs of so many disparate items can be the most charming display for both guests and homeowners. I am continually captivated by my own displays, as they are also filled with memories of friends and family. Although no one would guess, if something ends up on my kitchen window sill, it is exceptionally important to me!

This place of honor spans two side by side windows which reside over my beloved soapstone countertop. The countertop itself shows the time worn scars of many happy memories of rolling out pasta, cutting out Christmas cookies, opening bottles of wine, and prepping veggies for meals. It is used and abused and entirely delightful. Add to that, the view out the windows to the woodland garden, ginormous family gathering table, the strung party lights, and fire pit complete with welcoming Adirondack chairs, and a whole other set of memories and anticipation can be discovered.

But what of the actual sills? Rocks picked up at special moments are scattered and piled in mini cairns across the entire expanse of the space. My “rock of honor”, hunted down, picked up, and given to me by my son during a family hike on the coast of Ireland makes me smile every time I see it. A long coveted rock in the shape of a heart next to a tiny framed “Good For You” tag expresses exactly how I felt when I finally found it. Onion bulbs – both gifts from my daughter – shoot off the most amazing tendrils that wrap around anything and everything for months, only to dry out, and then return with a new season. Herbs stand by for kitchen duty, planted in tomato cans. Champagne corks from special occasions are scattered amongst it all, as well as miniature vases for tiny wildflowers found on Crosswinds property. Depending on the season, seed pods, acorns, pine cones, lichens, feathers, grasses, moss, and flowers from the garden add to the space. Tiny animals and birds – gifts from friends – wind up here as wel – all intentionally placed to induce a smile. This past Christmas, two twinkling engagement rings graced the sills during “clean up duty” after meals, causing me to pause to be thankful for my daughters’ happy futures and wonder where the time has gone.

Just as my own window sills give me a great amount of pleasure, I am always thrilled to point out to friends and clients how exceptionally lucky they are if they also have them. This typically elicits a surprised reaction of “Oh – I hadn’t noticed”, but then can entice even the most hardcore minimalist to get hooked into the creativity of curating their own window sill vignettes.

What about you? Have you overlooked your window sills and the opportunity that they give you to reminisce about the past, truly be present, or anticipate the future? Take the time to allow yourself the indulgence of creating this space! The joy your small effort will give back to you will be priceless.