Having a tried and true love for imperfection in one’s daily surroundings is not only a gift to yourself, but also to your family and friends, your animal buddies, and, of course, your home. It allows everyone and everything to truly live their lives in comfort and authenticity. Not being one for overly designed staged houses, I prefer the laid back quality of life that can be effortlessly assumed by all who are welcomed by Crosswinds.

I think this is why I gravitate to older homes like a magnet. The imperfections – the scars, the dents, the dings, the quirky personality disorders of sticky windows and doors – are what make the home alive – much like a character in a book. Oftentimes, the best “characters” are the actual inhabitants of the houses, as they embrace all of the flaws of their beloved homes. It is such a comfortable way to go through life!

Living this way also lends itself to retaining memories. The dark spot on the hardwood floor marks the place where Henry has laid by the door for years. The chip on the soapstone counter top was made by my son when he was busy chopping vegetables for one of his famous feasts. Scratches abound on every antique piece – put there by us or a former owner. Wine stains are set for life on our Christmas tablecloth. All of these imperfections remind me of the people and animals that I love, and don’t even ever try to tell me that super scuffed up leather couch should be replaced! It has been worn to imperfection by 4 kids, their friends, 2 dogs, and one crabby cat! I have even taken some blissful naps on the old girl. She is never leaving the porch at Crosswinds!

Hmmm……… So how can you achieve this kind of living in your space?

One way that I purposefully celebrate imperfection is by keeping the funky dripping candlesticks that endure after a dinner party. I like to keep them on a tray with the remains of whatever bouquet accompanied them to the table. It is a continual reminder of the time spent with family and friends until the next dinner is held. If I choose to use the candlesticks again, cleaning them off and preparing them for a fresh round stokes the anticipation of our next time together. Now, as I look at my candlestick sculptures, I am in a countdown until my family is together again.

Lovely memories inspiring anticipation through imperfection? Trust me………… it is a delightful way to go through life!