Going through life being constantly and continually delighted is just THE BEST! Granted, there are plenty of reasons to feel depressed, stressed, and frustrated with our world these days, but there is also a never-ending supply of things, feelings and sensations, and moments to find delight in at every turn.

Knowing my almost childlike reverence for delight and the charming people, places, and things of the world, my daughter often alerts me to podcasts that would fit the bill. WAY LAST FEBRUARY she sent me a link to a lovely podcast on delight which kept me….. well, delighted!…………while I painted woodwork around Crosswinds one day.

That led me to order a book by one of the featured guests, Ross Gay. His book is called The Book of Delights. According to the author in his preface, “feeling delighted and compelled to wonder and share his delight”, he decided to write an essay every day about something that he found delightful and wanted to share with the world. I, for one, am so very glad that he chose to do this! Adding the word “wonder” to a couple of my favorite words, “charming” and “delightful”, just made me happy! Apparently I am a “gusher” – someone who observes the lovely bits in our world in full-on enthusiasm with capital letters. I will freely admit that sometimes it does feel childlike and a little over the top, but then I think “well, why not?”

When making the choice to “put my business out there” on Facebook and Instagram, the only way I knew I could (hopefully!) stay committed, was to also share the moments that delight me. Still………. I vacillated on this decision. Was this the right time? Would it be simplistic or not caring about the state of our world right now to share only delights? I have thought about it for a whole month.

Like Ross Gay, I found that the world was constantly getting my attention, as he states “Write about me! Write about me!” My mind, heart, and soul were hearing “Share me! Share me!”, every time another delight caught my attention.

So…………. fast-forward to last night (July31st). I decided to check out his book again, and there was my answer. Mr. Gay chose to start his book on August 1st – his birthday. Now, I love a good “sign”, so here I am, also on August 1st. This will not be a book – nothing too overwhelming – but, honestly the best way that I can share the delight in the charming nuances of every day life in Door County and the world with the emphasis on how this inspires both the home and garden.

Now, more than ever, our homes can provide so much of the charm and delight that we are all craving in our lives. Let’s find the positive in the old, the excitement in the new, and a recommitment to making our homes the best places that they can be for our families, friends, and ourselves. Wonder and charm are both evident everywhere – people, places, things, and moments – all for our delight!