“In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in-between there are doors.” – William Blake

Here we are in 2020! How did that happen? Wasn’t it supposed to be a huge deal that we were entering a new decade? Isn’t every new year supposed to bring the excitement of a clean slate filled with fabulous opportunities, goals, renewal, and the chance to begin fresh?

I know for myself, that that was my plan! 2020 was going to come on like gangbusters, and every goal that I had worked toward achieving would come to fruition! Instead, January was given over to a 3 week long cold/flu that was joined at the hip to heavy snowfall after snowfall. The sump pump ran for ten days straight, the internet went out, I lost a couple of amazing journal posts…… you get the drift! January 2020 became a pity party thrown by me for me and attended by only me. It wasn’t fun, but it sure was beneficial!

When we have the moments to step back, take stock, and truly give ourselves over to embrace the time to think and wonder and ponder, some pretty great things can happen. Even though the month of January was not the miracle fresh slate I had hoped for, it was a time that I finally embraced and learned to call a gift.

January has always felt like a buffer month to me in that the holidays are behind us, and the momentum to gear up for the new year is a little slow. Truth be told, I have always liked this feeling of regrouping to renew and refresh. It’s a great time to make plans and think big dreams and come up with big ideas. There is literally time to go down rabbit holes of design for those who are obsessed with all things home.

My own home has served as guinea pig for changing things up, fluffing, painting, and time tweaking things for the better. After hours of thought, reading books, magazines, and blogposts by the fire, the action of the creative process has taken over, and thankfully, February took over January and brought me back to life.

The year is still new. There are still endless possibilities filled with people, places, and things to inspire creativity and my seemingly endless pursuit of taking homes that are filled with potential to special spaces for their owners. Because we get the joy of seasons here in Door County, there is always a renewal coming with each new month, always a chance to see things with fresh eyes, and always something to notice, stop, and take delight in each day.

Each year, each month, each day provides us with new doors to knock on and open. Some doors lead us to new friends and opportunities. Some lead us to challenges that will end up enriching our lives, and some force us to slow down and take stock in what is important to us. Behind each door is another unknown opportunity just waiting for us if we will just knock…….