Picture Jerry Seinfeld……..just humor me. Picture Jerry Seinfeld doing his stand up comedy routine. Everyone is laughing because they have recognized themselves or someone they know in his jokes.

He takes a breath, looks around, and asks “So what’s the deal with all of the rocks?” This the cue for all of the Door County people to really nod, laugh, and slap each other on the back. We are some serious rock picker-uppers around here, and we know ol’ Jerry has noticed our fascination.

I mean, what is it with all of the rocks? We ALL have them EVERYWHERE. They are on our shelves, porches, every room of our houses, no place is too sacred for a rock. We love them, and no matter how many we have we still bring home more.

Now I admit that I have picked up and brought rocks home for more years than I would like to say. When we moved here from Illinois, I brought some of my “favorite” rocks from my garden (as if there weren’t any here) They tell me my land was a potato farm years ago, but they all petrified to rocks. I know this because every time this gardener has put her shovel into the ground, I have hit a rock!

Recently, I was at a friend’s house who is lucky enough to have a fabulous home on a rocky beach. The place is quintessential Door County in every way, and what stopped me in my tracks? All along her porch ledge were the sweetest little stashes of rocks – carefully separated into groups. There was a stash of sea glass, which technically isn’t a rock, but we rock picker-uppers can’t hold any discrimination against them since they came from the water and washed up to shore. Then I saw the Holy Grail group of rocks……. HEART ROCKS! Whaaaaat? There were so many!!

Now, I must also admit that I have NEVER been able to find a heart rock, and for some reason, envy those who have them. Of all the things to envy, I choose a rock……. is that lame? I even have a friend who has a rock shaped like Wisconsin which I also envy, but what I REALLY want to find is a heart rock!

Honestly, I am not the only rock geek here. Even as I was taking my heart rock photo, someone was walking the beach, stooping over to examine a rock, and deciding if it was worthy to be put in her coat pocket and found much later. I had to smile!

Leaving with only my picture, I stopped in to see a friend who is soon to start living again with the season over here in Door County. We said the usual – let’s go have lunch, or go to a movie, or go for some hikes together….. when she just belts out “WE HAVE TO GO TO HOTZ TRAIL! LOOK AT THESE ROCKS MY FRIEND FOUND THERE!” With that, she whipped out her phone for us both to ogle these rocks in the picture, like it was a baby or wedding picture. Odd? Not in the least……. I, for one, can’t wait to go!

On the Ellison Bay Art Crawl over the weekend, I was impressed by the shops that “decorated” with rocks! It’s so great to know that this designer is in vogue by using driftwood, bits and bobs of wild grasses, feathers, acorns, seed pods, (don’t even get me started on seed pods), fern fronds, the occasional bird nest, and, of course ROCKS in her decorating.

I think that those of us who pick up these things are lucky. At the very least, we can say that we are mindful enough to notice the beauty of the natural world around us here in Door County. In many ways, I think we are also kindred spirits in our appreciation of all that is offered to us each day, and most of us can’t help but bring some of the outdoors in – especially knowing that winter is coming and will be upon us soon.

So, to all my fellow rock picker-uppers: I salute you and say “rock on!”