Sometimes life renovations go hand in hand with home renovations. Maybe we want to change, maybe we are forced to change, or maybe we just know in our hearts that it is time to change – no matter how bittersweet that may all feel to us. Currently, I am watching friends and clients go through changes, and it is with profound gratitude that I can help them all with the perspective that change really is “good”.

That is not to say it isn’t hard…….. none of us would have bad habits if it was easy to change! However, change is rewarding on so many levels. Entering into a life change or home renovation (or both!) can be intimidating, but it can also be the impetus to get us fired up, to regroup, and to embrace the creativity of a new situation. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually it can be taxing on some days when the attitude isn’t coming along for the ride or the “vision” just isn’t there.

Luckily, there is a flip side to the harder aspects of change! That is where the ideas come non-stop, the enthusiasm kicks in, and the dreams begin to take hold. This is an exciting time, but oddly, even the good and happy changes can be overwhelming and exhausting. What to do, what do………

In Door County, it feels like vacation and seasonal homes outnumber the homes of us who live here year round. Many tourists see themselves in a sweet seasonal or summer home after vacationing here. The idea of having your very own place to come back to year after year, one generation after another, is enticing, as well as somewhat romantic. We see our families uniting, just as have countless of other families in Door County summer after summer, enjoying all of the festivals and a slower pace of life than the one at home.

I love the idea behind these seasonal homes and the energy that they bring to Door County. As a “year-rounder”, I always look forward to these friends coming “home” from all over the country. Many of these folks have lovely memories of growing up coming to the Door as children, and now carry on that tradition with their own children and grandchildren. Some are first generation home owners here – living the dream with family and friends. It is traditional “Americana” and VERY Door County! To think that such a place still exists nudges others to begin their own generational traditions, and I, for one, salute their positive attitudes. The life that they bring to us all is fresh, and the enthusiasm to join in as Door advocates is both noted and appreciated.

All of this requires change, which is supposed to be one of the only things that we can ever count on as happening in our lives. Whether we harbor some resentment toward it or welcome it with open arms, change is what we make it. If your current change or upcoming change involves a place here in Door County – lucky you!

YAY! You’re home!